Alessio Guan Ou Lu


Alessio Guan Ou Lu


Alessio Guan Ou Lu is a Chinese guy who was born and raised in Milan. But he spent part of his childhood in Wenzhou, a city in the Southern of China.

He has a bachelor degree in Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano, where he has specialized his creativity into Jewellery and Accessories design.

VicenzaOro Next Jeneration is actually his first design contest and “ Reflecto” is his first work as Jewellery designer.


Alessio Lu
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Bracciale, anello, orecchino
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The tale of a unique and subjective journey, an unrepeatable fragment of time and space in the universe of the individual, takes the form of a reflection: a circle of mirror to wear, which reflects not only the constantly changing world, but also the traveller who wears it and who becomes an integral part of the landscape.

The mirror disk is therefore a tool for understanding yourself and observing all that is happening around. The jewel thus becomes an interpreter of reality: its beauty and its colours are determined by the pace of travel of each person.


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