• Future2015 - 2016


    2015 - 2016

  • Future2015 - 2016


    2015 - 2016

  • Future2015 - 2016


    2015 - 2016

  • Future2015 - 2016


    2015 - 2016

What will be jewellery in the future be like? The selection by Aldo Bakker tries to offer an answer to this question, presenting the panoramas and visions of the future through observation of innovative materials and technologies and objects with new content and new uses. It is a visionary look towards new horizons, links between disciplines and influences coming from worlds far removed from that of jewellery. A Voyage to the future stepped in inspiration, brainwaves and ideas.

Curated by Aldo Bakker


Mint Design

Face mask, 2009

Facemasks that follow the shape of a human or monkey face.

Olga Noronha

Cervical Collar, 2013
medically prescribed jewellery,
handmade gold plated silver
25 x 32 x 23 cm

Olga Noronha designs medically prescribed jewellery: personalized and beautified medical accessories that go far beyond standard medical supplements.

Gina Hsu

Ring, Hear-Ring, 2010
3D printed nylon with Chinese lacquer
8 x 8 x 5 cm

While putting my hand close to a cheek I hear the surrounding voices, saying “I love you”.

Michael Leung

Necklace and pendant, Wishbone,
6,5 x 4 x 1,5 cm

The porcelain wishbone pendant can be broken, together with a friend, while making a wish. A tool for a new and personal friendship ritual.

Aldo Bakker

Silver Pourer, 2009
100% fine silver, electroforming
10 x 10 x 14 cm
Salt Cellar, 2007
manufactured by Frans Ottink
black porcelain
7 x 2 x 3 cm

Aldo Bakker’s Silver Pourer and Salt Cellar are objects designed to function as materializations of the gestures of pouring and sprinkling. The shapes of the objects are such that they easily fit in the hand and react to the movement of the body. They are extensions to the body that invite you to hold them and use them.

Renee Verhoeven

Glove, Anatomy of the hand, 2012
lasercut leather

Renee Verhoeven designed gloves that use human anatomy as a starting point. By laser cutting thick leather, she is able to create gloves that are flexible and well fitting.


    • I Musei Vi Raccontano

      I Musei Vi Raccontano

      Monday, 04 September 2023

      Appointment at the Jewellery Museum with "The goldsmith's art: a happy meeting of tradition and innovation"
    • Kintsugi, repairing with gold

      Kintsugi, repairing with gold

      Monday, 10 July 2023

      VIOFF, the Vicenzaoro Fuori Fiera, will host the "Kintsugi, repairing with gold" event at The Jewellery Museum, a conference and presentation of the book on Kintsugi art by Chiara Lorenzetti - ChiaraArte
    • The Crown and Breastplate of the Madonna di Monte Berico: a story from Vicenza

      The Crown and Breastplate of the Madonna di Monte Berico: a story from Vicenza

      Monday, 29 May 2023

      An original guided tour of the Diocesan Museum and The Jewellery Museum to discover two unique masterpieces, emblems of the city of Vicenza's devotion to the patron saint since 1900 and an example of the skills of Vicenza's goldsmith craftsmen


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