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    2015 - 2016

  • Beauty2015 - 2016


    2015 - 2016

  • Beauty2015 - 2016


    2015 - 2016

"The Sala della Bellezza (Hall of Beauty) contains only necklaces.
The necklace is the heart of every jewellery set; it is the most important piece, the one that defines the theme of a collection. Indeed, after the diadem became a museum piece, the necklace took the leading role. And it is the necklace that enhances the neck, the face and the décolleté of the woman who wears it, right next to her heart. It is to the heart that beauty can and must speak, in order to find that ‘sense of beauty’ that, as Anatole France wrote, is the only human characteristic that never deceives, and that unquestionably belongs to mankind."

Franco Cologni

Jewellery is the ornament par excellence, capable of complementing and bringing out the beauty of its wearer. Beauty i salso an element intrinsic to jewellery itself, its, maufacture, colour palette, materials, tecniques and forms, all combined in harmony and proportion. Franco Cologno has interpreted beauty as a prerogative of Italian DNA and so has selected necklaces from the top Italian jewellery brands to demonstrate the Italian capacity for combining the “beautiful and well-made”

Curated by Franco Cologni



Necklace, 2001
white gold, diamonds, pink sapphires,
Burmese rubies
ø c. 15 cm

Chantecler private collection

Sea anemones, like fireworks that make Capri nights unforgettable. The skilful interplay of solids and voids, the warm colours and sparkling, elegant curves make this necklace both symmetrical and dynamic, soft and sculptural.

Enzo Liverino

Necklace, 2011
angel skin coral, gold, diamonds
length 75 cm
private collection Enzo Liverino

A genetic map, a family passion in dialogue with the land interpreting history, a flower that blooms in the depths to become a precious ornament: this is the precious angel skin coral that makes for a necklace that is both material and celestial.


Necklace, Puzzle, 2014
rose gold, indigo- and lavendercoloured jade (made with lost wax casting, polished at the workbench and cleaned with special brushes to give a sheen)
length 95 cm

Contemporary geometries, sculptural flashes one after another, light forms in rhythmic succession. Contemporary jewellery requires a deep understanding of the concept of simplicity, which is acquired through skill, art and stylistic vision.

Roberto Coin

Necklace, ring and earrings,
Fantasy Flowers collection, 2011
rose, yellow and black gold, brown
length 41 cm

As in a painting by Botticelli, Italian beauty loves to be surrounded by flowers. Along with the desire to equate the charm of the woman with that of the most delicate and graceful objects in nature, comes the understanding that purity and preciousness are essential parts of the feminine aesthetic, and are always present.

Micheletto srl

(designed by Simona Travelli)
Necklace, 2002
Gold (extrusion technique), textile
ø c. 15 cm

In the balance between fluidity and rigidity, the dialogue between the shirt and the necklace becomes a symbol of an unbroken link between the lightness of art and the gravitas of the artisan, between the temptations of a fashion that requires seductive femininity and references to an ergonomics that requires compliance with forms.

Vendorafa Lombardi

(designed by Daniela Lombardi)
Necklace, Eclissi, 2010
hand-hammered yellow gold,
French-set diamonds
length 42cm

Taking the ever-new sheen of gold, and working it to warm its precious heart still further, means giving the material a life and depth that now more than ever become interlocutors:
a wonderful end-result which, as the day passes into night, becomes even more impressive.


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      Monday, 10 July 2023

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