• Ruudt Peters – BRON

    Ruudt Peters – BRON

Ruudt Peters – BRON

From 5th April to 22nd September 2019

Organized by Ruudt Peters

Ruudt Peters is a visual artist with a focus on the medium of jewellery. The exhibition BRON (Source) gives an overview of Peters' rebellious jewellery from the early seventies to the more profound works based on the exploration of other cultures, customs and habits from a more recent period. BRON has been presented at CODA Apeldoorn NL, Silver Festival Legnica PL, Design Museum Tallinn EE, CAA Hangzhou CN, and Design Museum Helsinki FI.

Curiosity about the essence and mystery of human existence forms the foundation of Peters' work. He continuously researches other cultures, philosophies, religions and materials. He observes, explores and interprets. His findings are the basis on which he creates jewellery and objects that are never literal translations of what he sees, but materializations and internalizations of his own thoughts and imagination. Peters' main questions are focused on religion, philosophy and alchemy and how they relate to him. He manages to turn these questions into art with a highly recognizable visual idiom.

Athanor, 1992

Pendant 92*61*61
Goose egg - copper plated
Collection Coda Apeldoorn – Artist’s collection

Massa Confusa, 1997

Necklace 260x260x80
Sulphur – Malachite - Aragonite
Artist’s Collection

Cauda, 2012

Brooch 175x70x30
Polyurethane – Silver

Azoth 5, 2004

Brooch 60x40x21
Silver – Polyester
Collection Bertold & Io Mackert

Dusza, 2016

Brooch 142x142x8
Glass – Silver – Polyester – Graphite
Artist’s Collection


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