Rofhiwa Molaudzi


Rofhiwa Molaudzi


Rofhiwa Molaudzi is a 23 year old courageous, ambitious individual, who was born and raised in a small town in Limpopo Province, South Africa. After she matriculated, she studied interior design at the University of Johannesburg. A year later she decided to follow her passion for jewellery and enrolled in the Jewellery Design and Manufacture Department from 2013 until 2015, when she was awarded a scholarship to further her studies at Tari Design School, in Marcianise, Campania, Italy. Goldsmith and stone setting skills will be mastered upon completion of the programme. Her many skills, enthusiasm and competency allow her to achieve the desired result in her designs. She takes inspiration from life experience, “Every scar has a story behind it that enriches our individuality” she says, “challenges which were made to break us, can make us who we are and that is beautiful”.


for TOUSCE’ S.R.L.

silver, steel

Migraine is a common painful ailment, often caused by factors linked to the stress of being bombarded by digital information. This item is designed to alleviate the problem through massage: the bracelet is fitted with spheres that press on the head acupressure points, when the wearer is suffering from a headache.


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