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Saturday April 30 the second workshop for families at the Jewellery Museum

The crown and breastplate of the Madonna di Monte Berico in an educational journey through the history, shape and decoration of two sacred treasures of the city

Saturday April 30 the second workshop for families at the Jewellery Museum

The cycle of workshops for families at the Jewellery Museum, in collaboration with the social cooperative Scatola Cultura, continues on Saturday April 30, from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm, with "Vicentini Jewels", a session dedicated to two liturgical treasures of the city: the crown and breastplate of the Madonna di Monte Berico.

The two jewels represent the direct testimony of the devotion and faith of the thousands of Vicentini families who, at the end of the 19th century, donated gold and jewels to give life to precious symbols of the patron saint of the city cult, as well as the only testimonies of the goldsmith's berica craftmanship of the nineteenth century.

During the workshop for families and children, the history of the artifacts will be retraced starting from the solemn date of August 25 1900, the day of the coronation of the Virgin and the laying of the two works on the Madonna of Monte Berico. We will also try to reconstruct the crown and the breastplate with contemporary materials, both in form and in decorations. A creative path that will retrace some passages of the masterful work carried out by the Angelo Marangoni company, the oldest Venetian jewellery shop since 1770, historical author of both masterpieces.

The calendar of appointments for families at the Jewellery Museum will continue on Sunday May 29 with “Precious Drawings”, to design your own jewel, and on Saturday June 25 with “Prodigious Amulets”, to create personalized talismans.

To register for the workshops, reservations are required by calling +39 0444 320799 or by contacting the following email

Children from 5 to 12 years old can enter the Museum for free, while to participate in the workshops the rate will be € 4.50. The cost for adult admission is € 10.00 (€ 5.00 if resident in Vicenza and its province) plus € 4.50 for the laboratory.

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