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From December 23rd the new temporary exhibition "Jewels and amulets in ancient Egypt"

The Jewellery Museum inaugurates the temporary exhibition "Jewels and amulets in ancient Egypt", curated by the Museo Egizio.

From December 23rd the new temporary exhibition "Jewels and amulets in ancient Egypt"

From December 23rd 2022 to May 28th 2023, The Jewellery Museum inaugurates the new temporary exhibition “Jewels and amulets in ancient Egypt” curated by the director of the Museo Egizio Christian Greco with the collaboration of the Curators of the Museo Egizio Paolo Marini and Cedric Gobeil.

The exhibition, collateral to the third of the great Exhibitions in the Basilica "The creators of Eternal Egypt", will be set up inside The Jewellery Museum and will integrate the city's cultural and artistic proposal with an original point of view.

In fact, the temporary exhibition offer visitors and tourists the opportunity to explore the relationship with beauty and fashion in the daily lives of the inhabitants of Dehir el-Medina through precious artefacts found in the village where the most popular craftsmen of the time lived and to which they date the royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens.
Scarabs, lotus flowers, the eye of Horus in the form of an amulet, terracotta necklaces and bracelets, strings of pearls and ivory rings and seals with the name of the pharaoh: these are just some of the objects that will be exhibited at the Museum.
Set up in the hall on the ground floor, the initiative of The Jewellery Museum therefore proposes the dimension of the jewel, excellence of the Vicenza handcraft and manufacturing tradition which ideally links Vicenza to the artistic production which spread throughout ancient Egypt as a further reading of the great city exhibition, enriching its visit experience.

"Jewels and beauty: in the golden age of Ancient Egypt" is a tribute to ancient Egypt which seals a collaboration process started with the Museo Egizio and aimed at developing museum activity, tourism promotion and educational initiatives. Already part of the Vicenza museums circuit that can be visited with the single Vicenza Card ticket, The Jewellery Museum is part of the cultural and artistic offer of enhancement of the territory of the Municipality of Vicenza with a proposal that bases its narration on the jewel, aimed at promoting the goldsmith excellence involving young people and families and addressing an ever wider audience.

To book tickets or for more information, contact The Jewellery Museum at the following email address or at the following telephone number +39 0444 320799.

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